A Smart Gym &
Personal Trainer
You Can Use Anywhere

Designed By A Former Army Ranger For All Your Fitness Needs

  • Maximizes Total Body Strength & Cardio

  • Gives Double Workout Advantage on the Run

  • Measures Innovative Upper Body Metrics

  • Shows 100s of Exercises & Workouts

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Self-Resistance Creates MoreFitness Opportunities

  • TheOlympus Grip can connect easily to perform Self-Resistance exercises, whichentail using one muscle group to partially resist another muscle group. Thegrips rotate to maximize range of motion.
  • Self-Resistance has a several advantagesover traditional weights as the grips provide weight resistance on yourcommand, so the Olympus Grip can join you on any remote workout or adventure.Furthermore, Self-Resistance adapts as your muscles tire, soyou don’t have to waste time adjusting traditional weights.

Smart Gym

Provides New Upper Body Smart Metrics to Increase Your Motivation & Deliver Results.

Runners use miles, speed, time and steps to measure their progress, but there are few inspiring and comparative upper body metrics.

With the Olympus Grip, you get metrics and data to motivate your upper body workout as well.  The Olympus grip dynamically measures the cumulative weight you lift, the calories you burn, and the number of repetitions, sets, intervals, and exercises you complete. 

Virtual Trainer

The Virtual Trainer Shows You The Optimal Way To Perform Every Exercise Ensuring A More Fluid And Safe Workout.

The app offers over 350 exercises and stretches from beginner to expert level. The Olympus Grip smart phone holder allows you to easily view the exercise demonstration, interval information, and smart metrics while exercising. Consequently, there is no need to fumble with your phone during your workout. The app also provides an audio option to announce the next exercise or set.

Tailored Exercise Plan

The Virtual Trainer Guides You Through A Tailored Exercise Plan Based On Your Preferences Making Workout Planning Simple And Effective.

Also includes

  • Guidance when to perform the next repetition, set, interval, and exercise.

  • Hundreds of workouts and exercises to choose from and customize.

  • A rolling workout plan to help you organize and program your next workout.

Efficient Gym

The Olympus Grip provides the Double Workout Advantage - a total body workout in less time, burning more calories.

  • With the Olympus Grip, you can build upper body strength with over 30 different Self-Resistance exercises while you run, hike or walk. The Double Workout Advantage combines two workouts into one, burning more calories in less time. It’s perfect for busy schedules that don’t have time to fit in strength, cardio, upper body, or lower body workouts on a weekly basis!

  • The Olympus Grip can connect easily to perform Self-Resistance exercises, which entails using one muscle group to partially resist another muscle group.

  • The grips rotate to maximize range of motion and comfort.

  • For remote or long-distance workouts, Self-Resistance is beneficial because it activates on your command and adapts to muscle fatigue.

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We are launching soon! Enter your email to be notified when it becomes available
for purchase and receive an exclusive discount!

Introductory Short Video of the Olympus Grip

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Christopher Ix

The US Army, Ranger, & Airborne Schools, as well as deployments to Kosovo and Iraq taught Chris that fitness is an essential part of life because it improves your mental and physical capabilities. After the Army, Chris graduated from the University of Virginia’s Darden Graduate School of Business and earned a CFA and a six sigma blackbelt. He has held corporate finance director level positions at well-known Fortune 100 companies as well as a rapidly growing tech start-up. Chris started Fitnix LLC to promote the idea that exercise improves physical and mental health. He specifically designed the Olympus Grip to make it easier to exercise in any situation and improve fitness motivation.